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All Round Development Programme
For all round development of the students, Vidya Bharti Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Sansthan has prescribed five core subjects based on Indian philosophy of Education :

Physical Education
In this modern world, manual labour is being discarded and we are leading sedentary lifestyle which results in many health hazards. Physical Edu. is very much necessary for Physical, mental and emotional development & to inhance tolerance power and discipline. The students are made to practice dumbbell and other exercises regularly.

The present age can be said the age of stress, tension and anxiety. To lead a happy and fruitful life, yoga should be adopted as a way of life. It has a vital significance in the life of human beings. In school, the students are made to do yoga and meditation to improve their concentration.

From ancient time, music has been an integral part of spiritual and emotional life of a human being. Music has a divine power that gives us a divine happiness beyond this materialistic world. Music classes are given regularly to the students.

Indian culture is totally based on Sanskrit language. If we want to know about our culture, the knowledge of Sanskrit is a must. All the computer languages are also based on Sanskrit. It is a treasure of all information & knowledge. So basic knowledge of Sanskrit is given in all classes.

Moral & Spiritual Education
Students with cultured values always stand apart and make their own identity and school is a perfect platform for teaching and inheriting moral values. There is a regular teaching of moral & spiritual education in school.

Prayer Session
Prayer makes us feel spirtually and morally high. To have a blissful life, we start our day with prayer. Prayer requires more of heart than the tongue. In prayer session, the Principal, staff members and all the students take part whole heartedly. ‘गीत अभ्यास, प्रातः स्मरण, एकात्मता मंत्रा, एकात्मता स्त्रोतम्, दीप स्तुति, मातृ प्रणाम, सरस्वती वन्दना, विचार, समाचार, राष्ट्रीय गान It is followed by yoga, meditation and Doha recitation etc. The prayer session remains very ideal and cultured. It is the hall mark of Shiksha Bharti Vidyalaya.

Sanskriti Bodh Pariyojna
It is a project started by Vidya Bharti to acquaint the students with their age long cultural heritage and to inculcate moral values in them. More than a million of students appear in the Sanskriti Gyan Pariksha throughout the country every year. Essay writing competition and Quiz contest are also organised under this project.

In this programme not only the students of our school but Jyoti Parkash Sr. Sec. School, Rohtak Pragya Bharti School, Sampla, Nehru Public School, Sampla, Sanskriti School, Rohtak are also encouraged to participate & the students of these schools take part in this programme whole heartedly.

Kanya Bharti

In the beginning of each session 'Kanya Bharti' is formed from the students of class 6th to 12th. Volunteers of Kanya Bharti come forward to help in the smooth conduction of all activities of the school. It helps to instill the quality of responsibility and good management among students.

‘Kanya Bharti’ is a Democratic Academic Organisation which is conducted by students under the proper guidance of school Principal. In this organisation parliament and cabinet of students are formed. Selected students are given different designation. In cabinet, the students are given different school departments and they remain responsible & conduct are activities regarding them.

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